Free, curious and crazy

The best people in life are free, curious and crazy like children. They make you forget what’s hurting and remember the importance of watching and catching each others’ backs, when everything has wheels and you’re walking on slippery stairs 🛒
Friends, family, lovers, enemies, whether old, new, current, neglected, betrayed, forgotten, left out, dead, living dead, mistaken, lost or hurt; I cherish you all. I forgive you all. I apologize to you all; for being reckless, for not knowing how to be a better person, for judging you, for breaking promises and commitments, for being selfish and not trying harder.. For not knowing how to help, for not caring enough or for expecting gratitude when I have tried my best to help you. I’m not entitled to it, noone is. I’m sorry for lying and for telling the truth when it wasn’t mine to share. I gossip, I’ve used secrets to connect with people, and lies to save my own sorry ass. I’m sorry for sometimes thinking I’m better than others, I’m not!
 Steal my silver spoon, I’ll give you three more. Slap me on my face, I’ll turn the other cheek. Whip my back, I’ll scratch yours. Because an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. So cut one of mine out if necessary, I’ll become a pirate and sail the seven seas! Cut both out, and... I won’t pretend not to care, ’cause I’m human. But I won’t be superficial anymore, and music, scones and holding your hand will be that much better. Maybe, I’ve never been blind, so I don’t really know.
I know babies are born and that someday they will die. Some will be angry like me and blame it on others, or genetics, or bad parenting, withdrawal, or sharp edges. I’m not the one to judge what’s right and what’s wrong. I’m not givning anyone any advice anymore either. I can only promise to pray for you, that you will be healthy and happy. I can try to understand you better and to truly LISTEN and hear the silent cries for help, to be less judgmental and more humble and to think before I speak and act.
Oh, and the hardest part, I promise to try and take better care of myself, to be able to care for you without breaking. I pray that I’ll be kind, brave and a fountain, not a drain.